I was perusing the Refinery29 website, you should definitely check it out if you’re interested in fashion and culture, and I came across this post.  Now I love frivolous fashion just as much as the next guy but this lacks the artfulness and attention to craft that generally drives me giddy with fashion hysteria.

Gildan Activewear To Unveil The World’s Largest T-Shirt That Nobody Can Wear

By Lisa Eppich

At 170-feet wide and 262-feet long, Gildan Activewear is set to break the world record for the largest T-shirt next Sunday, June 11, at the Country Music Association’s 40th Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. The three-ton top contains enough fabric to make 12,000 regular tee’s, and, to answer your next question, the brand will donate this amount of shirts to the Keep the Music Playing charity, which supports music education. The piece took over four weeks to assemble and contains the same proportions of a regular large-sized T-shirt, except this one can only fit the Jolly Green Giant. We wonder what will become of this massive tee after its unveiling?

Now I’m glad that the brand will donate 12,000 regular tee’s to the Keep the Music Playing Charity but t-shirts to a music charity seem a bit off topic to me.  And what will become of the 3-tons of material used to construct this massive novelty item?

I understand the press benefits for Gildan, and it’s history making place in the Guiness Book of World’s Records, but the fact that a brainstorming meeting led to this egregious expenditure of materials and labor seems a lil cringeworthy to yours truly.

Maybe I’m missing the point?


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