I’m excited to announce that I’ve been invited to work with Paul Zimet and The Talking Band!

The Talking Band engages in workshops to explore different theatrical ideas without the pressure of production so there is no way of knowing or seeing when or what this collaboration will manifest — but I’m jazzed to have the opportunity to really “play” with some talented, experienced, and wildly creative performing artists!

For those of you who don’t know the Talking Band was founded in 1974 by Paul Zimet, Ellen Maddow and Tina Shepard and is legendary in the downtown experimental theater world — as well as being an undeniable creative force in the broader world of interdisciplinary performance and theater.

Paul Zimet contacted me back in August of 2010 about potentially working with him, and the inimitable Taylor Mac, on Mac’s then gestating THE WALK ACROSS AMERICA FOR MOTHER EARTH which opened at La MaMa in January 2011.  January was a busy month for me and I wasn’t able participate in that production.  Between juggling performance schedules for MEN GO DOWN with Hotel Savant and GREEN EYES at the Hudson hotel with Travis Chamberlain I couldn’t devote adequate  time and energy to another show.

I ran into Paul at La MaMa while meeting with George Ferencz to discuss my role in Victor Kaufold’s BRICK as part of La MaMa’s play reading series and shortly after Paul emailed me asking if I had any interest in participating.

I’ll, of course, keep the details under wrap until a more appropriate time.  But rest assured I’ll share pictures, thoughts, and comps when the time comes…only if you’re real nice.


More about The Talking Band HERE



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