January has been an exciting and busy, but cold, introduction to this new year. Considering all the great people I met I can’t say I’d have it any other way.

I’ve just finished an excellent run of MEN GO DOWN with John Jahnke/Hotel Savant at 3LD.


Currently, I’m performing with the very talented actors Erin Markey and Adam Couperthwaite in GREEN EYES, directed by Travis Chamberlain and performed in a private room at the
Hudson Hotel from January 25th-30th, 2011.


I return to DeSingel International ArtsCampus with Young Jean Lee’s THE SHIPMENT 
from Feb 1-2, 2011.

“American Theatre magazine proclaimed the Korean-American director Young Jean Lee one of the most influential makers of the coming theatre generation. In her performances she frequently denounces human folly. Her source of inspiration is popular culture. In ‘The Shipment’ she daringly tackles genres such as comedy and sitcom with great contemporary relevance and incisiveness. Surprisingly, we learn that skin colour still plays a very decisive role in the American way of thinking, even after Barack Obama was elected president. In the end we are left with one staggering discovery: how difficult it is to view the world in terms of anything else but black and white. ‘The Shipment’ has an excellent cast, great panache and hilarious dialogues. In other words, it has all the ingredients you need for a sublime feel-good play.”

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