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X-ID REP :: New Museum Performance Residency

Friday, October 2nd, 2015



This Just In!  I have been invited to share the SPACE with a roster of incredible talents for the New Museum’s X-ID Rep Performance Repertory! I am so honored and excited to get into the room with these folks.


From the New Museum’s Website:

Working within a pop-up repertory theater model, X-ID REP is a research-driven enterprise designed to examine the shifting ethical boundaries surrounding intercultural cross-play on contemporary American stages. The project brings together a group of directors and playwrights recognized for their diverse approaches to staging across various identifications of class, race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and ability, among others. These artists will cast a resident company of actors with whom they will collaborate to develop material that further highlights a spectrum of approaches to the topic. Their rehearsal-based research will unfold in a studio environment that will be open to the public at set times and will culminate in a performance presentation of their findings. Operating from various positions of agency and privilege, the members of X-ID REP will collectively examine the constructs of staging intercultural cross-identifications while directing our attention to the social conditions from which these constructs emerge and persist, perniciously or otherwise.

Participating Artists
Becca Blackwell: Actor
Lileana Blain-Cruz: Director
Kirk Wood Bromley: Playwright
Drae Campbell: Actor
Youree Jong Choi: Actor
Jackie Sibblies Drury: Playwright
Kareem Fahmy: Director
Mikeah Jennings: Actor
MJ Kaufman: Playwright
JJ Lind: Director
Gregg Mozgala: Actor
Aya Ogawa: Playwright
Niegel Smith: Director
Alexandra Tatarsky: Actor
Saori Tsukada: Actor
Amelia Workman: Actor

Schedule of Events
September 20, 2015: Company Auditions
October 26–31, 2015: Open Studio Rehearsals with Director Kareem Fahmy
November 2–7, 2015: Open Studio Rehearsals with Director JJ Lind
November 16–21, 2015: Open Studio Rehearsals with Director Lileana Blain-Cruz
December 16–21, 2015: Open Studio Rehearsals with Director Niegel Smith
January 8–9, 2016: Performance Presentation

X-ID REP is organized by Travis Chamberlain, Associate Curator of Performance and Manager of Public Programs.


Artist residencies and commissions are generously supported by the Neeson / Edlis Artists Commissions Fund and by Laurie Wolfert.

Education and Public Engagement programs are made possible, in part, by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts. Additional support is provided by the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation. Endowment support is provided by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Skadden, Arps Education Programs Fund, and the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fund for Education Programs at the New Museum.

Munchen in Black and White: online!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

A quick Thursday post for y’all!

Daniel Marcel Schmude-Sterling the photographer artist and proprietor of Launch.fotodesign, located in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, sent me some fun news today.

His exhibition of nudes, “Posing for Identity”, went up in Munich. (I wrote a quick post about this back in February, check that HERE).  It was a group exhibition but the gallery was so impressed that Daniel sold a number of pieces they invited him to create an online gallery of his entire series.

The images are beautiful and I’m really proud to have been included in the exhibition.  If you’ve got some extra EUR laying around get online and support a talented artist/photographer and snag a great print of yours-truly posing in the all-together.

Check out the online gallery HERE.



Photo: Daniel Marcel Schmude-Sterling,


My FaceBook was Hacked and all I got was…well…nothing.

Monday, May 14th, 2012

So a couple of weeks ago some individual, or virus, hacked the security of my Facebook profile and took control of my information, my wall, my newsfeed, and my friends list.

As silly or inconsequential as this may sound to people who don’t use FaceBook often this hack exposes a tremendously scary example of how insecure our information and identities are in this age of social networking. I made a concerted effort to craft my FaceBook page as a place, online, where I could share information and events with my closest friends; as well as, maintain connections with professional contacts and lifelong acquaintances.   The information on the page was manicured to provide a personal, as well as, a professional glimpse of my life as a performer.

As an actor I understand that part of my professional image is my personality, and I developed my FaceBook profile to share my tastes, interests, and sense of humor alongside posts about my professional achievements and the achievements of my peers and role models.

The hacker changed the email attached to my account.

The hacker changed my username and the email address associated with my account, successfully locking me out of my own information completely.  FaceBook does not provide live customer service so I keep cycling through the same online account retrieval protocol that offers me no explanations or support.  At this point, I created a dummy account simply to logon and see my own information, just to make sure my image wasn’t being grossly abused.

I have been dealing with this issue for the past 2 weeks and now just want the account deleted — however the FaceBook retrieval protocol will not allow me to delete the account because it no longer recognizes me as the owner of the information.

I don’t know how else to communicate to the 1,144 contacts on my “Friends” list that this individual is not me, and that my information has been stolen.  I implore as many of you as possible to go to the page and report the information “hacked” or “compromised”.  And please, for the time being, do not respond to or click on any links this false FaceBook Me may have sent you.

There is now a sneaker sale spam on the front wall, and my newsfeed has been changed to the “Timeline” format.  Notice the username has been changed to (this is NOT me), but my name and image remain the same.


Check it out below!

Interview with the cast of Young Jean Lee’s “THE SHIPMENT”

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

This is a fun video blog interview we did for The Shipment’s Canadian premiere in Toronto at the HarbourFront Centre.

“Who knew such a paramount social issue like African American racial relations could be presented and executed in such a humorous way? Without taking away from the significance of the matters it revolves around, Young Jean Lee’s THE SHIPMENT is an entertaining display of neo-minstrelsy with a shocking twist at the end.”

For the full interview click HERE


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