Photo: Travis Chamberlain

Performa 2011?  Performed!

I’ve been working with Wu Tsang and a talented company of performers all week in preparation for a live performance party at the New Museum for Performa 2011.  Also, part of the opportunity was to work with Travis Chamberlain again.  After having such a great experience doing GREEN EYES at the Hudson Hotel, I jumped at the chance to get into the studio with both of these focused and challenging artists.

The live performance parties were, interesting.  The first night was an invited soiree for New Museum members and was a little light on pleasantry and heavy on duck-mouthed faux smiles, and lots of high heels.  The second night brought the children out in waves and we closed the night in the Skyroom dancing till the lights came on.

At the close of the week the next phase in the FULL BODY QUOTATION project was a filmed version of the live performance.  The film was one continuous 12-minute shot on 16mm…we only had 3 opportunities to nail the shot so I knew it was gonna be a long night of preparation for 3 hi-energy, hi-focus performances.


LTR: Mikeah Ernest Jennings, special visitors Hector Xtravaganza, his boyfriend Jay, Cherrye Davis, Travis Chamberlain, and Derek Wright, our grip/electrician.



We also had the pleasure of being visited by Hector Xtravaganza from the original filming of PARIS IS BURNING.

It’s always a surreal experience to create performance from original text but having the living individual present while you embody their words and passions, especially given the subject matter and history of this particular documentary, you want to do justice to the struggles, triumphs — the realities of these individuals who for some have emerged as beacons of light through the storms of bigotry and hate, and for others fodder for contemporary gay “lingo”.


Realness has nothing to do with the real…more on that later.


Photo: Travis Chamberlain


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