A few weeks ago I had a fun shoot with a good friend of mine, an artist by the name of Rachael Shane.  Rachael and I have known each other for a number of years and she has grown into a talented multi-hyphenate: actor, dancer, photographer, aerialist…and the list continues.

Rachael and I used to perform together with a company called Theater Et Al.  The company was based in LIC under the artistic direction of Brian Rogers and Sheila Lewandowski.  Brian and Sheila went on to expand their brand and create the thriving performance space the Chocolate Factory in Long Island City.

Rachael invited me to be a part of her “Gold Wall” series, for which she is photographing dozens of people in front of a gold wall in her bedroom.  The photos I saw before our shoot ran the gamut from serious and introspective, to outrageously zany.  I responded immediately.  Super jazzed!

I love shooting with friends because I find that I’m much more relaxed in front of the camera and the finished images show more of who I “am” as opposed to who I am “trying to be”.

I’ve got a ton of photos to go through and many of them do need some retouching (wasn’t the best shave of my life).  And I’ll have to figure out the best use for some of these crazy shots!

Here’s a few…





















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