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Exciting news!

The cast of BELLONA, Destroyer of Cities just shot with the amazing David Michalek for his new project “Portraits in Dramatic Time” to be displayed on the façade of the David H. Koch Theater, as part of the 2011 Lincoln Center Festival.

The 40-ft façade will be re-imagined as a media canvas, transforming the plaza into an outdoor museum and the building into a work of art.

The process was incredible and the images look amazing.  I can’t wait to see this project come to life.

The 2011 Lincoln Center Festival takes place from July 5th – August 14th (my birthday!).

More information about David Michalek’s work and this exciting project:

The new work from artist David Michalek is to be presented as part of the 2011 Lincoln Center Festival. The project will feature an array of glacially paced performances of theater artists and actors of all genres and nationalities. With artists featured both singly and in groups, the piece will offer a unique and secret glimpse into some of the world’s greatest performing artists. The work will strive to present viewers with an eclectic list of artists both well-known and under-recognized.

For a full breakdown of the project and more information about David Michalek and his work visit his site at



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Actors Filmed to Date
Reed Birney
Chris Chalk
Maria Dizzia
Juliana Francis
Jane Houdyshell
Neal Huff
Holly Hunter
Marin Ireland
Sachiyo Ito (Okinawa)
David Patrick Kelly
Louise Lecavalier
Patti LuPone
William H. Macy
Ruth Maleczech
Fulya Peker
Allison Pill
Radiohole (Maggie Hoffman, Kourtney Rutherford, Erin Douglass, Eric Dyer, Mark Jaynes, Jim Findlay)
Ana Reeder
Roger Rees
Alan Rickman
Scott Shepherd
Liev Shreiber
SITI Company (J.Ed Araiza, Ellen Lauren, Akiko Aizawa, GM Gianino)
Lili Taylor
Qian Yi (Chinese Kunqu Opera) 


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