Remember when I posted about David Michalek and his breathtaking project Portraits In Dramatic Time?

Mark Stephen Kornbluth

Well the Time has come!

On Tuesday July 5th the Lincoln Center Festival 2011 kicks off and the outdoor installation “Portraits in Dramatic Time” will be on display to the public, gracing the mammoth facade of the David H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center.

I am so excited to see this project open.  On the day of our shoot we were treated to a preview of the scene Jay Scheib, and company, put together and let me tell you…its looks incredible!

I can’t wait to feast my eyes on the work of so many amazing performers many of whom I only know from the screen, but a number of whom I feel honored to call peers whose work I’ve seen and know well from around New York.

This is an excerpt about the project from an article on the Wall Street Journal Online site.

This series of 40 art films created by artist David Michalek is a free, public installation that will be shown nightly from 8:45 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. until July 31. Viewers can watch as many, or as few as they like, but each film depicts a dramatic scene shot in just 10 seconds and played back in hyper-slow motion, extending the length to about seven minutes.”

(Catton, Pia (2011, July 2) “Life’s Dramas in Slow Motion” Retrieved from Wall Street Journal Online)


Mark Stephen Kornbluth

I’m excited that the artist, David Michalek, decided to use performers who don’t hold celebrity status alongside more widely known names as participants in the project.  There are so many amazing actor/artists and showcasing opportunities of this scale don’t come around that often.  I’m absolutely chuffed that I’ll get to see my face alongside my colleagues and a number of my performance heroes on the facade of Lincoln Center.

More from the Wall Street Journal online.

Though he did invite famous folks—including Holly Hunter, Patti LuPone, and William H. Macy—he chose them for their ability to deliver specific acting techniques. He was less interested in celebrities destined to be the next face of cosmetics mega-brands. “I wanted to make sure the actor was an actor-artist,” he said.

An actor-artist?  That’s what I do my work for and that’s all I ask, really.  I encourage you to head over to Lincoln Center and check out this beautiful installation between July 5th-August 14th.





For the complete article on the Wall Street Journal website click HERE

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