A quick Thursday post for y’all!

Daniel Marcel Schmude-Sterling the photographer artist and proprietor of Launch.fotodesign, located in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, sent me some fun news today.

His exhibition of nudes, “Posing for Identity”, went up in Munich. (I wrote a quick post about this back in February, check that HERE).  It was a group exhibition but the gallery was so impressed that Daniel sold a number of pieces they invited him to create an online gallery of his entire series.

The images are beautiful and I’m really proud to have been included in the exhibition.  If you’ve got some extra EUR laying around get online and support a talented artist/photographer and snag a great print of yours-truly posing in the all-together.

Check out the online gallery HERE.



Photo: Daniel Marcel Schmude-Sterling, Launchfotodesign.com.


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