Now this is EXCITING!  I received an email and a telephone call inviting me to be a part of the American premiere reading of Ibrahim El-Husseini’s incredible show Commedia Al-Ahzaan (A Comedy of Sorrows) as part of the opening night festivities at the Women Making Democracy Conference.  The conference will take place at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.

I have to admit it’s a treat to be “offered” a role.  Two friends recommended me, independently of one another, to the director who had seen and heard of my work before and was excited to get me in the room.  I read the play, and fell in love with the character I was invited to read for so…I said YES!

The play is beautiful and timely as it deals with the Arab Spring and subsequent revolutionary efforts happing in Egypt.

I’m excited to get out of New York for awhile and a trip to Cambridge sounds like a welcome few days away.

Women Making Democracy


Each year, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University hosts a conference that explores from many perspectives the role of gender in a significant aspect of the human experience. This year’s conference, titled “Women Making Democracy,” will consider the role of women specifically—and gender more generally—in movements for democratic change.

Activists, journalists, and academics from different fields and disciplines will examine and analyze recent events in countries affected by the democratizing efforts often described as “Arab Spring” and compare women’s experiences of these events with those of women in other moments of democratic change around the world, including Eastern Europe, South Africa, and Latin America.




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