So the run of BELLONA, Destroyer of Cities at the ICA in Boston went very well.  Now that I’m on the other side of this project in a way, I haven’t been informed of tours or productions in the near future, I can dish a little about my experience.

Over cocktails at Jay and Tanya’s beautiful home in Cambridge I was having a discussion, with an MIT Alum — studying to be an astronaut, about how I had come to meet and work with Jay Scheib.  I told her I had written Jay an email back in March of 2008 after attending a press conference for the project he was building at the time, UNTITLED MARS. We kept in contact and in July of 2009 he sent me a message inviting me to coffee to discuss a project he was developing from DHALGREN, a science fiction epic by Samuel Delaney.  The rest of the story became BELLONA, Destroyer of Cities.  Two years later and here we are.

This was my second trip to Boston and the Institute of Contemporary Art.  I was at the ICA a short 8 months ago performing with THE SHIPMENT in the same space; The Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater is a 325-seat theater on the second and third floors.  The walls are glazed in clear glass allowing a view of the harbor as the backdrop behind the stage, it’s incredible!  For a few of the performances we left the wall shades up allowing the audience to see the harbor behind the ruined city of Bellona, and some passerby on the outside to watch the actors changing backstage — 2 shows in 1!

The shows went well and the crew and staff at the ICA took very good care of us.  During our last performance, a Sunday matinee, something triggered the building’s smoke detectors and the fire alarm went off 40min into the show.  The entire building had to b evacuated and we found ourselves standing outside on the harbor, in the rain, with the audience waiting for the Fire Marshall to give us the okay to return.  This was a first for me.  It wasn’t my idea of a good time but it was actually pretty thrilling.

This is a short clip of the cast going through some notes and working into our evening warm up; this video was taken with my digital camera so pardon the quality.



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