So i am currently on the hunt for new representation.  As some of you may know early  in 2009 I was invited to meet with agents at the William Morris Agency in NY.  The meeting went better than I could have imagined and they agreed to work with me in a development capacity.  I thought to myself “The William Morris Agency as my first professional representation?  What a golden ticket!

There was only one problem.  I had just opened with THE SHIPMENT by Young Jean Lee and generally if a piece is going to tour I like to make a solid commitment to be with that piece for at least the first year.  The representatives at William Morris were supportive and thrilled by my accomplishments and never seemed chuffed by my dense out-of-town schedule.  But after a year of patience, and a massive MUCH publicized and aggressive merger with Endeavor I was told the new WME (William Morris Endeavor) was a “star” agency and there was no room or resources to support new talent development.  I was out.  BIG Bummer.

Last week I met with a VP at Abrams Artists here in New York after being recommended by a talented friend of mine.  She was warm, generous, funny and wanted to send me out for a commercial that afternoon!

Nothing has been set in stone, yet, but I’m looking forward to growing my relationship with Abrams Artists and continue to build a great team.

Get into it!

One thought on “The road to representation: Abrams Artists

  1. Hi !

    I would like to know how you were able to set up a meeting with Abrams Artists ? I was recommended to them by an actress named Ellen Muth (“Dead Like Me”, et. al), and I have as yet been unsuccessful in receiving any reply via email.

    If you would be so kind as to send me a private email with your response, I would appreciate it greatly !

    K. R. King

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